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We work together to make dreams come true for our hunters. Bill and Lorene Ellis, my parents, began guiding in the 1950s at Nabesna, Alaska, which has been our home all our lives. We know the country, having hunted it ourselves, and fly Super Cubs for transportation. Our love and respect for the country runs deep, and our desire to see the country and animals prosper is a priority.

We offer a fair chase and have many bush plane strips scattered throughout our Wrangell and Mentasta Mountain Range areas. This way, you the hunter will have the best possible chance of being where the game is and bagging a nice trophy. The Super Cub airplane gives us greater mobility to get where the game is for each hunt. Our guides are well seasoned and dependable. We will do all that is within our power – and the parameters of the law – to ensure a successful hunt for our clients.

We have run successful seasons for many years, and I plan to continue that success in the future. A lot of careful planning goes into all of our seasons – we don’t overbook and price our hunts as low as possible. I take pride in knowing my hunters are happy.

Our hunting area is outstanding, the bulk of it located in the Nabesna area. The fall season begins in August with Dall Sheep. We offer a good mature ram with a nice full curl, or a heavy broomed ram. My guides and myself will try to get you a trophy that you can be proud of. These rams run 8-10 years old, but they did not get to be that old by being dumb, so they are difficult to hunt. A person could spend a whole season chasing a 40″ ram and never get a shot off. Although we have taken many big trophy animals, we never quite know where or when they will turn up.

– W. Cole Ellis

Master Guide #86