Risk Management Policy

Risk Management Policy is available to our employees who will review our Safety and Operations Plan, then sign it each year.

Safety and Health – All guns are checked at base camp to prevent any accidents. All meds of clients are checked to make sure they are in the proper containers with the correct labels. Equipment is all tested to ensure safe use (stoves, tents, lamps, etc.). Plenty of food and water is always made available and kept in Bear-proof containers.

My guides will be instructed to make sure our policy and management and safety will be done.

Sufficient are always available; my credit is very good. an extra plane and other resources are all available for an emergency, including a Satellite phone.

Inspections – All airplanes are given an annual inspection. The pilot has a guide license, and an annual medical certificate, and both are documented. My employees have current and valid guide licenses, CPR & First Aid cards. Survival kits for two people are in the aircraft.

We always try and avoid imminent danger such as bad weather. I will check the weather conditions and will not fly unless it is good. Gun safety is practiced with guides and clients to avoid any accidents. Proper clothing is always encouraged to prevent frostbit, blisters, and hypothermia. On the ground we avoid dangerous walking areas such as rotten rock and crevasses found on glaciers. Bear-proof containers are used in camps to avoid any problems with all animals.

We have background checks on our employees. All reportable accidents are reported to the NPS from the base camp at Nabesna.

All employees have been trained in firearm safety, bears, camp and fire, cold water survival and near drownings, and hold a current First Aid/CPR card.

Safety precautions will be an ongoing type or Practical Training, from day to day.